We have been manufacturing aprons for the Meat, Food, and Fishing industries since 1984.

We are New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of industrial aprons. Our aprons are featured in the NZ Safety catalogue who we use as our nationwide distributor. You will find our aprons in every major Meat company and Food processing facility in New Zealand.

Quality Products

We recognise the need to provide excellent quality as New Zealand has one of the strictest quality and hygiene standards in the world, due to demands from overseas Meat importers. All of our aprons are cut and shaped for maximum comfort and movement.

Our aprons are blood/fat resistant and NZMAF approved. All our aprons are quality controlled before leaving our factory.


We are very customer focused, and we will not be under sold on service.

Our prices are very competitively priced, in fact we will not be beaten on price and we are even more competitive in quality and price than imported products.

Our system of manufacturing is unique, as we are able to mass produce and handle large quantities whilst never compromising in quality.

PVC ApronPVC Apron
Heavy Duty ApronHeavy Duty Apron
TPU ApronTPU Apron
Hoop neck apronHoop Neck Apron
Reinforced apronReinforced Apron
Apron with brass eyeletsBrass Eyelets Apron
Apron tape (ties)Apron Tape
Apron hooksApron Hooks
Rubber Bungy and hook setsBungy and Hook Set

Contact Us

Please contact us if you would like to make an order, require more information, or have a product request.